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Booster Cables for Cars and Vans

Jump Leads, Booster Cables for Cars and Vans

High-quality booster cable made of high-flexible copper cable and fully insulated battery clamps for passenger cars and delivery vehicles

The PVC-sheathed cable, with its fine stranded copper conductor and its elastic insulation ensures complete flexibility down to temperatures far under the freezing point. The cable is difficult-inflammable, break and tearproof, oil and conditional acid-pro of.

The fully insulated battery clamps are continuously constructed from sheet steel. Depending from the used conductor cross-section the clamps are strengthened with brass inserts. The later applied insulation on the sheet steel body consists of Escorenen Ultra EVA. Due to its special characteristic, this material is still shatterproof and impact-resistant at lowest temperatures.

A solid processing according DIN-standard 72553 and the own production guarantees a product that differs in particular by its quality and longevity from other booster cables.

On customer's request, special lengths and combinations with other battery clamps from our range are possible.

The booster cables are packed into neutral carrier bags or neutral cardboards, individual customer packing or customized supplements are possible.

Following an overview of the recommended and standardly manufactured booster cable:

Cross section Length Battery clamps Packing Weight
16 sqmm 3,0 m H80fully insulated Polybag 1,4 kg
16 sqmm 3,0 m H100 fully insulated Polybag 1,6 kg
25 sqmm 3,5 m H200 fully insulated, strengthened Polybag 2,6 kg
25 sqmm 5,0 m H200 fully insulated, strengthened Polybag 3,6 kg
35 sqmm 4,5 m H500 fully insulated, double strengthened Carton 4,4 kg

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