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Batterie - Earth - Straps

Masseband mit Batteriepolklemme

Battery earth strap to connect to a starter battery. At the first ending a battery terminal is crimped. The battery terminal is made of cast, solid brass with tinned surface. The second ending is tinned and punched. The used copper tape is made according to DIN 72333. These battery earth straps are manufactured in our own production. Due to this, we are able to use other cross sections, lengths, hole diameter or even tinned copper tape.

Below is an overview of the recommended and standardly manufactured earth straps.

Cross section Length Hole diameter
21 mm2 200 mm 10,5 mm
21 mm2 250 mm 10,5 mm
21 mm2 300 mm 10,5 mm
21 mm2 350 mm 10,5 mm
21 mm2 400 mm 10,5 mm
21 mm2 500 mm 10,5 mm
21 mm2 600 mm 10,5 mm

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